Refind your power!*

You are finding that some things in your life don't quite work out like you had hoped. Maybe you suffer from physical pain, that just doesn't seem to be easing up. Maybe the world seems to dislike you and you get in fights with people you love, or at work. Or you are afraid to fully live. In other words: you are not in full power. And even if you want to go through life dancing and singing for joy, something is holding you back.

I want you to know that improvement is always possible. Your body is always in repair mode. And you are the one with the biggest impact on your body and your life. Making use of your strengths, you can improve the area's in your life that don't quite work. Feel how much energy and frustration 'fiddling around' costs and start to feel how much better it feels to be in your power. 

As massage-therapist/acupuncturist/coach I am specialized in guiding people in change processes. My expertise is on treating post-surgery or post-accident complaints, even after many years have past. 

It makes me happy to be your guide. I can be your ‘google-maps’ and help your find your way back to your own power. So that you can find your path. To a different connection with yourself, to standing strong in life. And your energy starts flowing again.  

tuina massage and acupuncture Apeldoorn by Jessica Uljee

Why would I start a programme?

If only there was a button on your body that you could push and everything would be better. That's just not how it works, unfortunately. Change is what is necessary. To change is a proces and takes time. Finding out what works for you and what not. Making mistakes, learning, succeeding in steps. Building trust and commitment in little steps and sometimes big leaps. To really get somewhere. 

Can you do that yourself? Probably. There’s more than one way to bake a cake. But how great is it to have someone that has explored the 'google-maps' already and that can help you find the way. And who keeps you accountable, because it can be really easy to lose track in everyday's business. With whom you can toss ideas around, with whom you can brainstorm on your questions, with whom you can laugh on attempts that go slightly wrong. Who cares about your struggles and successes, who encourages, who lovingly nudges you in the right direction. I would love to walk along on your path for a while!

For whom?

You are ready to make real changes in your life. To stop beating around the bush, but to really face your problems and demons. You are motivated to do what is necessary to create real change. You understand that change comes with pain, emotions and resistance and you are ready and able to bear the emotions that will arise. And you have a supportsystem that will help you through the rough patches.

The result

At the end of a programme you understand how things work for you. You have an improved connection with your body, with yourself, with who you really are. You have tools and skills that you can rely on the rest of your life. You recognise your early warning signals and therefore you start taking action before you hit rock bottom.

What I offer

All programmes start with a (telephone) talk to see if we are a match. You are about to make an investment (in time and money) and you want to know if we 'click'. After all, without mutual trust nothing will happen, really. To plan for a call, click here, or call me at 06-46062634 and leave a message at the tone.

When we agree to work with each other, we start with an interview. This will be recorded, as to be able to replay later on during the programme. That way you can see on what subjects you have grown and on what issues we still have work to do. This interview can be planned online or face to face at my practice. 

Every programme is carefully designed for you personally and will consist of intensive one-on-one sessions at my practice, homework assignments and personal support. The one-one-one sessions are based on tuina massage-therapy or acupuncture or a combination according to your preference and what I deem necessary. Also part of the sessions is coaching and the use of other instruments like cranio sacral therapy, hypnotherapy, sensoric integration techniques et cetera.

Single session, 1 hour

rate: € 110,-


Jump-start (duration 2 months)

5 intensive one-on-one sessions of 1 hour in 2 months, short and intense

rate: € 500,-

Programme of 3 months

4 intensive one-on-one sessions of 1 hour in 3 months, if there is one aspect of your life that you want to dig into

rate: € 400,-

Programme of 6 months

7 intensive one-on-one sessions of 1 hour in 6 months, if you want to make profound changes in your life

rate: € 665,-

Year programme

12 intensive one-on-one sessions of 1 hour in 12 months, if you want to make big steps in your outlook on life 

rate: € 1.110,-


* This page offers a short, English, overview of my services. If you are interested in working with me, please feel free tot contact me to get more detailed information and an Enlish version of the terms and conditions that apply. Please note that, eventhough I do my utmost best in translation,  I am not native English and that the Dutch version is always legally binding.

massagetherapy Apeldoorn also for acupuncture and crania sacral therapy

Every programme is carefully designed for you personally to:

  • increase independency and self-confidence
  • reduce physical pain
  • increase mental stability and physical balance
  • engage in change in area's in your life that could do with improvement

aiming to increase your personal power and happiness!